Search Engine Marketing Service Packages

Search engine marketing is truly a combination of many different factors. Some SEO companies will tell you that you have to implement all of these factors at once to make a huge difference, but that's not true. We have broken out some of the services that we offer here at Real Deal Technologies so that people with limited budgets can start building their SEO success one area at a time. Although most of our clients use us on many SEO areas at once, some tackle the process step-by-step.

Here is a "short list" of some of the packages and services Real Deal Technologies offers. Our services can be combined or customized to suit your particular needs, whatever they are. We are in this to help you succeed, so if you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to answer your questions and help you achieve your search engine optimization goals.

SEO Site Review We always offer our customers a no commitment, free consultation when we first talk with them about their website needs. During this process, we let our customers know if we can help them or not. Above and beyond this, we offer a website review service. We go through your website, look at your competitor's websites, and take a look at keywords to build a comprehensive list of methods that will help you achieve the search engine results that you desire. This service does not include any on-page changes. We bill per hour for that if you're interested in having us make any changes. This service usually averages around $800.

SEO Content Changes and Build Out We have the talent and expertise to maximize your current content in order to deliver the highest SEO results possible. We also have the expertise to build out additional content for you in areas where your website may be lacking. Content is king! Good, relevant content is the foundation of all great search engine marketing. We bill for these services by the hour, and will be able to give you an estimate for this service after an initial consultation.

Link Building After on page services and strategies have been exhausted, there is only one last organic strategy to help you rise in SEO results, and that is link building. We've been link building for over 10 years and have acquired some very key links during that period. Link building is about finding a balance between quantity and quality. We can help get you there. This is a service that we bill by the hour. We'll be able to tell if you might benefit from this service and how long it would take to get started after an initial consultation.

Pay Per Click Advertising It's not for everyone, but PPC advertising can be a very powerful and immediate way to grow your website. This tactic doesn't work for everyone, but we will be able to tell you if this service can be effective for your needs after an initial consultation. This service is billed hourly, but after initial setup, monthly commitment is very manageable.

Super SEO Strategy This is where we take all of these tactics, along with your market data, and come up with a strategic plan of how to position your company to the Number One slot. This is a fully comprehensive plan implemented by our search marketing team. After an initial consultation, we will let you know if we feel this type of an event is right for you. This is where Real Deal Technologies' Five-Step SEO Marketing Strategy really delivers!

For a free consultation with no commitment, call us and we'll discuss your search engine marketing and search engine optimization needs. Give us a call at 800.801.4358 or drop us a line at We're always ready, willing and able to help you reach your website goals.