PPC Management and Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising or pay per click management and marketing is a pro-active and beneficial aspect of our seo services. The biggest difference between standard search engine optimization or SEO and PPC advertising is that you get to see almost immediate results.

What exactly is PPC? It's a form of advertising that involves the purchase and placement of ads on major search engines or across a network of sites that are relevant to yours. When a user clicks that ad, they are brought to a landing page on your site. Once the user is there, you have a limited amount of time to convert that user from a curious visitor to a paying customer. This is called a conversion. You're able to track such clicks, visits and conversions with our website traffic analysis package.

The amount you pay for such ads or per click depends on a wide range of factors, and can range from a few cents per click to a few dollars. The thing to remember when utilizing such pay per click advertising is that you pay whether the visitor actually buys something or not. For this reason, it's essential that you do everything in your power to convert that user from a mere window-shopper to a paying customer.

Important factors to think about when considering PPC advertising should include:

  • Relevant keyword research
  • Bid amounts (or the amount of money you wish to pay per click)
  • Ad Text (this is a short ad designed by you to promote your product or service)
  • Landing Page development (okay, you've got the visitor to your site, now it's time to keep them there)!
  • ROAS - (Return on ad spend - i.e. your ad costs)

Real Deal Technologies employs experienced PPC experts to help you obtain the largest return for your advertising dollar. Our PPC management service fees are based on 10% of your monthly spending amounts. Most other PPC management companies charge around 20% for inferior levels of service. Our customers have experienced great success through this service, and so can you! Our goal is your success!

For a free consultation with no commitment, call us and we'll discuss your search engine marketing and search engine optimization needs. Give us a call at 800.801.4358 or drop us a line at info@realdealtechnologies.com. We're always ready, willing and able to help you reach your website goals.