Search Engine Marketing Success Stories

We'd like to take the opportunity to share information about a couple of our most recent projects. If you would like to have your SEO success printed here, please feel free to contact us now!

When it comes to search engine optimization, link building services, SEO copywriting and PPC management, Real Deal Technologies delivers!

Inkforcheap has increased their sales by 400% since teaming up with Real Deal Technologies. Real Deal Technologies' SEO team leader, Richard Cleri, used organic search practices, pay per click and link building strategies to push this site ahead of its competitors in a highly saturated industry. They currently maintain number 1-2 positioning in Google for top industry keywords. Inkforcheap is currently working on the next phase of this project, which will include a complete site redesign, more streamlined pages, folder structure, landing pages and a more intuitive checkout process. All this is being accomplished with a modest, ongoing budget.

Richard was also contacted by TGC Holdings, LLC to develop a strategy to help them fill their apartments faster through their website. After an analysis of their competition and potential customer base, Richard identified PPC as the best strategy to improve results based on their limited budget. Using PPC, Richard developed a Timing and Keyword Strategy that enables TGC Holdings to fill units 20 days faster than before. Richard is currently working with TGC to develop a comprehensive Search Plan centered on improving organic search results.

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