5 Step Search Engine Marketing Service

Real Deal Technologies offers a Five-Step SEO Service - only one of the professional SEO services that our Search Engine Optimization Company provides. We:

  • Identify Our Client's Customers - The first thing we do after we take on a new SEO client is to determine who their customers are. Are they shoppers, readers, or employees? Do they fit a certain demographic or geographic area? Identifying these factors upfront allows us to be more effective and efficient, which should be the internal goal of every SEO company!
  • Identify Our Customer's Goals - Once we know exactly what your motivation is, we are much better suited to put together an SEO strategy that is customized to your needs and goals. Our suggestions coupled with your budget will depend on your desired outcome, so it's important that we both clearly understand these motivations early in the process.
  • Perform Competitor and Keyword Research - Not being experts in your industry or niche, we will most likely look at things from a different angle or perspective than your organization currently does. After an introduction into your industry, we will perform research on your competitors and determine what your customers are actually searching for. Most companies find huge value in such information and often ask us to train their sales staff on findings.
  • Offer Budget and CPA Analysis - Now it's time to determine your budget and goals for search engine optimization efforts. We also need to understand what your cost per acquisition or sales is going to be. Understanding these two pieces of data will allow us to formulate SEO strategies that won't put you over budget but will meet or exceed your profitable CPA amount.
  • Design and Implement Our SEO Plan - Once we have developed a strategy based on your information and situation, we will discuss it with you. During this phase, we answer any questions or concerns you may have. We also make sure that the plan we've designed for you is suited to meet or exceed the objectives you defined during the initial, free consultation and will keep you within the budget you have set.

For a free consultation with no commitment, call us and we'll discuss your search engine marketing and search engine optimization needs. Give us a call at 800.801.4358 or drop us a line at info@realdealtechnologies.com. We're always ready, willing and able to help you reach your website goals.