A Website Can Speak Volumes June 29, 2009

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Take a look at the stats for your website and you will see that a large percentage of your site’s visitors probably spend less than one minute on your website. You have only this amount of time to make a great first impression on people so that they’ll leave your site with a positive image of your business in mind. That’s why it’s so important to know what your website is saying about your company. A good website will quickly tell visitors that you are professional, organized, smart, creative and accessible. It will also point out why you are unique in what you do so that visitors will know why they want to work with you.

A smart business website will dot its I’s and cross its T’s. In other words, you will always want to make sure that your business website has no typos, grammatical errors or other obvious issues that would suggest a lack of professionalism. This sounds obvious but you’d be surprised by how many sites do have these problems. You should go further than this to make sure that any facts that are there are correct and up-to-date and that there are no broken links or links that go to the wrong destination. You should also take care in the organization of your site to make sure that it is easy to find everything that a new visitor to the site might want to find including FAQ, contact information and details such as rates for your services. By doing this, you tell your visitors that your business is professional and organized and that you can be counted on to act accordingly when working with them.

You also want your website to tell visitors a little bit about you and why your company is unique. Someone looking at your website should easily be able to identify what you do. This is done through your text as well as through your chosen design. A dog walking business shouldn’t have a theme that shows images of computers or hair salon equipment but instead should show a relevant dog walking theme. Moreover, this site should be colorful, fun and friendly since that is what the business is about. You should have a tagline that is easily visible which explains why your business is great. A quick glance at this website would tell the visitor that you know what you’re doing with your work, that you understand the audience that you’re targeting and that you enjoy what you do. A website with a boring or unrelated theme would say the opposite.

It is worth it to do an informal survey to find out what others think when they see your current website. You can select a small group of people to offer their first impression opinions on your site. This will allow you to catch any potential problems on the site that you missed in your own editing and will also allow you to gain insight into the mood and message that you’re sending with your site. If that message isn’t in line with the impression that you want to give then you should alter your site accordingly in order to make sure that those visitors who click to it will want to stay. For more information about transforming your website, contact your local web design company.

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[...] you have your own website then it’s really important that you know what your website says about you. Many people create a design that they like only to learn later that it’s sending the wrong [...]